What? A Parallels Solution for cPanel?

Parallels Web Presence Builder isn’t just for Parallels Plesk Panel anymore.

There’s a bit of a rivalry between users of Parallels Plesk Panel and users of cPanel. Typically, technical cPanel users prefer the ‘every single option on one screen’ user interface, while everyday end-user types prefer the more user-friendly, intuitively-organized Parallels Plesk Panel interface which enables customizable views and hides all of the hosting-for-pay functionality from view if the user does not require them. But no matter which hosting control panel you prefer, you have something in common - you can now offer Parallels Web Presence Builder via both control panels, and beef up your shared hosting offers to attract new customers.

If you provide shared hosting via cPanel, you probably just did a double take. Aren’t cPanel and Parallels competitors? True, both companies have offerings in the single-server control panel space. So it is easy to see how you might think so. Parallels offers a broad range of products for web service providers - from single server hosters running Parallels Plesk Panel on Linux and Windows, to multi-server hosters running Parallels Plesk Automation, to some of the world’s largest cloud service providers and telcos running Parallels Automation products. In addition, Parallels also offers solutions for Server Virtualization, Web Presence, IaaS and SaaS delivery, as well as Cloud Acceleration consulting services. So it might be short-sighted to see these companies as real competitors, since cPanel only offers one product.  

So this is a plot to infiltrate cPanel hosters and flip them to Parallels Plesk Panel, right? Well, not exactly. It’s actually a plot to offer cPanel hosters a better site building tool – one that actually works for them and helps them to attract new hosting customers who will use cPanel. And since cPanel doesn’t offer its own site builder, it’s hard to see this as anything other than goodness.

But there is already a variety of site builder tool available for cPanel, so why should a cPanel hoster care about one from Parallels? If you’re a serious hoster, then customer acquisition and retention, and month recurring revenue are always top of mind. Web Presence Builder is designed with shared hosters in mind. Site builders for cPanel always seem to be treated as a checkbox on a laundry list of web hosting plan features – that’s why they usually offer several. But, in case you haven’t noticed lately, the industry’s largest hosters are all leading with, and advertising, their own Do-It-Yourself website offers, and this is making smaller hosters nervous. 

How can you compete with hosters who run television commercials? Fortunately Parallels Web Presence Builder gives you the tools you need to lead with own full-featured DIY website solution offer, and to compete with those larger hosters to acquire and retain SMB customers, and grow your business.

Take a lesson from the big guys. Not all small businesses are technically savvy. And given the choice between a long list of hosting features, and an entry-level, easy-to-use, business website solution, the solution approach is winning out. Are you prepared to serve these buyers? Are you selling hosting features, when you could be selling this?

What benefits can cPanel shared hosters expect from offering Web Presence Builder? Plenty. With over 100 business website topics pre-populated with relevant content, images and navigation, as well as fully integrated ecommerce, social sharing and automatic optimization for mobile devices, Web Presence Builder can help you land cost-sensitive SMB customers of all skill levels with an intuitive visual site builder, that integrates powerful features that SMBs want, and acts as a hub for self-managing a sophisticated web presence. Combined with ease of support, multilingual capabilities, and additional opportunities for earning monthly recurring revenue, Web Presence Builder provides shared hosters with a broad range of benefits that will make even the staunchest cPanel nationalists want to evaluate it for their own hosting offers.

And in addition to getting a highly sellable hosting offering, cPanel hosters who offer Web Presence Builder can also enjoy the many benefits of being a Parallels Partner. As a leading provider of cloud service automation products, Parallels is constantly learning from channel and industry partners around the world, and sharing that business intelligence in the form of SMB Cloud InsightsTM research reports with our partners. They also get access to a wide range of Go-To-Market resources and campaign materials to help them sell - often localized into other languages.

So what does it take for a cPanel hoster to try or deploy Web Presence Builder? For cPanel, a shared hoster should deploy a standalone instance of Web Presence Builder (on its own Linux server) and then install a copy of the cPanel Integration Plug-in for Parallels Web Presence Builder onto each cPanel server on which they want to make Web Presence Builder available to customers. It’s a fairly straightforward process if you know your way around cPanel, and you have a choice of building your own Web Presence Builder server, or spinning up an Amazon Machine Image that we have made available, so you can streamline your evaluations and get to market faster.   

For your convenience, a brief overview video of Web Presence Builder deployment for cPanel can be found here. Watch the video, grab a free 30-Day trial license here, spin up an AMI on Amazon Web Services, and see what your hosting offers are missing.

You can learn more about Web Presence Builder on our website, and take a deep dive on how to Attract SMBs With Your Own Do-It-Yourself Business Website Offer by watching this on-demand webinar. 

To survive in this industry you must grow and on-boarding new customers is critical to that growth. With Parallels Web Presence Builder, shared hosters of all sizes can go-to-market with their own, branded, DIY website solution to attract those new customers, regardless of whether they use Parallels Plesk Panel or cPanel for hosting. 

Posted on October 2, 2013 and filed under Control Panels.