Two New APS Success Stories from ISVs


SpamExperts needed to make it easier and faster for hosting providers to integrate its solution into their infrastructure. To do so, the company is utilizing APS, jointly developed by Parallels, to deploy its solutions through Parallels Automation partners such as leading Dutch web hosting provider Hostnet. APS and Parallels Automation are helping SpamExperts:

  • Get to market quickly through fast, easy integration of its email security solution with the Parallels Automation platform
  • Significantly broaden its market reach via the global Parallels service provider and software vendor ecosystem

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StopTheHacker needed a solution that would enable maximum market reach and speed to market through easy integration into cloud service provider technology platforms. The company is leveraging APS, founded by Parallels, to launch its solution through Parallels Automation partners such as KPN, a leading European cloud services provider.

APS and Parallels Automation are helping StopTheHacker to:

  • Accelerate time to market through fast, easy integration with the Parallels Automation platforms of cloud services providers like KPN
  • Maximize market reach by leveraging the global Parallels ecosystem of web hosting providers, telecoms operators and software providers
  • Leverage additional go-to-market sales, marketing and PR support

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Posted on January 30, 2014 and filed under Partners & Customers.