Parallels Automation Training Improves Employee and Reseller Proficiency, Boosts Productivity

Did you know that Parallels offers training and certification to equip both your technical and non-technical users to become proficient using Parallels Automation?

Parallels Cloud University combines self-paced, eLearning courseware and trainer-led classroom education to give your team the knowledge it needs to get up to speed, increase productivity, and quickly resolve customer support issues.

Training reduces the time you need to onboard employees and resellers. By equipping your stakeholders to learn basic product information through self-paced courses, we can tailor your classroom training to your needs, your platform, and your offerings. That means you’ll spend less time training your new hires because they can prepare for their training on their own time, and spend time in the classroom applying what they learn. You’ll be able to keep your in-house experts focused on your platform and not on mentoring your new hires. It also means you will increase the productivity of your channel partners because they will be equipped to operate and sell faster than they would without training.

Parallels training also reduces your reliance on Parallels Support by improving your ability to perform proactive platform monitoring and basic troubleshooting. Though it won’t entirely replace your need for Parallels Support, training and certification can help your team resolve your end users’ issues faster than you do today. This improves their overall satisfaction with the services you sell.

Finally, Parallels training increases your team’s product expertise because they will learn best practices from our team of experts, working with real-world scenarios in your own training environment. All of Parallels education courses come with the ability to earn industry-recognized certifications, which is your proof of expertise.

Parallels Cloud University is your home for Parallels Automation and APS-related training and certification options for your platform administrators, developers, and business users. Check out our course catalog, and contact your Parallels Account Manager to review how we can enable your personnel through our tailored training options.


Posted on October 21, 2014 and filed under Events.