PureFlex Pulse Preview: Accelerate cloud deployment with Parallels Automation on IBM PureFlex Systems

Businesses are shifting more of their IT spend to Managed Services and Cloud. Managed Service Providers are successfully being able to deliver to their clients a wide range of services, from base infrastructure, platform and software to business processes. In order to be effective for the client businesses, the MSP needs to provide self-management, a consolidated bill, language and currency, and a consistent experience. In addition, clients are looking for a wide range and ever changing set of services, delivered reliably, fast, secure, and at a low cost. Managed Service Providers who can provide this quality of service experience high margins and growth.

At Pulse 2014, I will lead a session that describes a solution and platform that enables this successful business model for Managed Service Providers. The solution described consists of the IBM PureFlex System and the cloud platform offerings delivered by Parallels. IBM PureFlex and Parallels provide a foundation for flexible cloud infrastructure to simplify the entire cloud lifecycle. From specification to deployment, and from operation to maintenance, PureFlex and Parallels products provide the technology, design, architecture and expertise to make all aspects of the job easier for IT administrators to provide tangible value to their end users.

For more information I recommend reading an IDC paper describing how IBM PureFlex enables cloud service delivery, as well as a white paper showing how to simplify the path to cloud with IBM PureFlex.

And here are some more Parallels resources to learn about the powerful products offered by Parallels, including cloud automation.

Parallels and IBM have leveraged many of the IBM Cloud Foundation elements in their joint solutions including IBM SmartCloud Aggregator, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator and IBM SoftLayer to name a few.

Have a question about cloud service delivery? Or if you’re planning to attend Pulse and would like to meet up, please drop me a comment in the section below. Also, be sure to follow the latest happenings at the event via #IBMPulse and #PureFlex.



Posted on February 19, 2014 and filed under Guest Bloggers, Events.