Maximize Communication and Collaboration Revenue with 9 Services

In my last blog, I described five quick tips to help you maximize revenue by creating a portfolio that is designed for easy upselling and bundling. As a follow-up, I thought I would share a few sample communication and collaboration portfolios that follow the logic of the model.

The SMB market opportunity for communications and collaboration is $20B by 2016, according to Parallels SMB Cloud Insights™.

Here is a sample portfolio and my five tips:

With Parallels Automation and the Application Packaging Standard (APS), you have many product options. APS standardizes the packaging of software and services for cloud distribution. Once the software and services are packaged, they are available in the APS catalog. The catalog is comprised of self-hosted and syndicated options – giving you more variety in terms of product and services for your portfolio and accelerating ISV sourcing.

In my next blog, I will explore IaaS options.