Be Smart. Start Now to Get Your Share of the Office 365 Land Grab

Yesterday, at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC), they made a market-changing announcement with the unveiling of their new Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program. This program expands the opportunity for Microsoft’s partners to resell Microsoft Office 365 as well as other cloud services, including Dynamics CRM Online, and eventually Azure. Great news! Whether you are a hoster, telco, distributor, or VAR, you will be able to stay at the center of the customer lifecycle with direct management of monthly or annual billing, provisioning, and technical support. Microsoft will provide APIs so you can directly integrate your systems.

But…there is a catch.

Microsoft is breaking new ground with this program. It will take a few cycles to get it right. That’s not all. While they are developing the right connectors and processes, they will also be adding new services. In order to stay current, you will need the agility to quickly and cost effectively update your offers. Without this, you will be left behind by more nimble competitors.

At Parallels, we deeply understand this problem. We have been working with Office 365 syndication since its inception. Remember BPOS? With 17 Microsoft syndication partners using Parallels Automation to provision and manage over 800,000 Office 365 seats, we have learned how to make sure they have the latest updates and capabilities from Microsoft within days of release.

When Microsoft told us they were going to launch this new program and that 17 could grow to more than 100,000, we knew we needed to scale our ability to deliver. Parallels Automation is a very powerful cloud service delivery platform used to provision, bill, and manage cloud services. It is used by 50% of the top 40 telcos worldwide. For this new program we wanted to give Microsoft partners the full power of Parallels Automation but without the investment needed when working with the complex requirements of the world’s largest service providers. Thus, we created Parallels SmartStart for Office 365.

The SmartStart program is a turnkey solution that gets partners up and running quickly. SmartStart is a structured, fixed-price implementation of Parallels Automation that includes system design, deployment, and testing, as well as user training and certification, reference service plans, and a customized storefront. We will handhold you through the full process. No matter your size, you can deliver the full range of Microsoft cloud solutions. Because we deploy the full Parallels Automation platform, you can easily add and bundle any of the 500 services already available.

Want to add Acronis backup? Piece of cake. Want to add Symantec security? Done. Want to add web hosting? As easy as pie.

With Parallels SmartStart not only will you get to market faster, you will be future proof. We will always make sure you have access to the latest and greatest from Microsoft within days of it being available.

Understanding how to design the system so that it is just right for your business takes the most time. You can do that work now. So don’t wait, just email us at or contact me directly and we will get started.