Are You Ready to Compete in the New World of Web Infrastructure?

The web hosting industry is evolving. Customers aren’t just looking for generic web hosting anymore. They are looking for specialized solutions that meet their specific needs. If you’re not aware of the changes that have taken place in the market, read this. Parallels Plesk 12 re-invented its offers to enable infrastructure providers to sell servers as solutions and compete with the new breed of specialized service providers that are online today.

The four new Parallels Plesk 12 editions are designed to help infrastructure providers create targeted solutions for specific audiences: web administrators, application developers, web professionals, and hosting service providers.

What is a Solution Offer?

A solution offer is pre-configured hardware + Plesk 12 + add-ons + services as a bundle designed for a specific audience. The target customer should not have to configure the hardware or select the software – you’ve designed it specifically for them.

Parallels Partners Best Practices

Infrastructure partners around the world announced Plesk 12 solutions last month – below are a couple of best practice examples.


Offer Landing Page Clearly Targets Web Pros: Web Pros can immediately recognize this is a solution designed to meet their needs. In marketing a solution, it’s important to educate Web Professionals on how they will benefit. HostMySite’s dedicated solution landing page clearly highlights key features Web Pros need – Simplified WordPress Management and Security.

Choice of plans: Provides options for Web Pro to select the plan that is right for them. The descriptor subtitle communicates the difference in benefits. Solution offers are bundled with hardware that provides ample resources.

Two Click Purchase Process: Most importantly, these plans are fully configured and extremely easy to purchase.


Impactful Landing Page Design with Clear Call-to-Action: When your target market is web professionals, you can bet they will be influenced by the quality of site design and user experience.

Web Pros can immediately recognize this as a solution designed to meet their needs as it leads with key features – WordPress Toolkit and Security - which are of top importance for this audience. The call-to-action is clear and above the fold-no scrolling–which helps increase sales conversion rates.


Key Feature Graphics: Graphic icons add value and capture interest. In this case, they help communicate what the feature is. Don’t overwhelm the customer with too many features – just focus on key benefits and make sure every image on your page has a purpose.

Easy to Purchase: STRATO’s order process is also a best practice because they have fully configured the offer with only two upsell services. The customer can check out in just a few clicks. 

Ready, Set, Launch Your Solution

To help you develop and launch a Plesk 12 solution, Parallels has developed a Solutions Playbook which provides information and resources you need to target Web Professionals, now available on Parallels PartnerNet.