The Fifth of Five Critical Success Factors for Cloud Service Delivery: Leveraging an Open Standard

Open technologies standards create efficiencies, opportunities, and communities. Standards reduce risk for adopters by providing options for platform and service extensions that will drive business growth.

Every cloud service provider has unique needs, so an open standard for cloud service delivery is critical to getting the most from your platform investment and improving operational efficiency. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Is the process to deploy and integrate new service offerings straightforward and repeatable, or does deploying each new service require a custom development project?
  • Is there a standard that ISVs build to that simplifies delivery by service providers using that platform?
  • Is that standard open and extensible?
  • Are there third-party applications and services – desirable to business users – built on that standard available now to sell?
  • Are there more in development?
  • Does the open standard have more than just a fan base?
  • Do businesses have real skin in the game?


These five factors are critical for successful and differentiated end-to-end cloud service delivery: a flexible delivery platform, the ability to provision unique service offerings, multi-channel sales enablement, a simplified customer experience, and an open standard for cloud services. When present, these five factors will allow service providers to overcome challenges to monetizing the cloud services opportunity – from inflexible systems that limit integrated service offerings to lack of support for multiple sales channels. They also position service providers to address key SMB challenges by reducing complexity and providing a more integrated experience.

The most successful cloud service providers rely on these critical success factors to automate service delivery and to quickly add new services that address evolving customer needs. These factors should be top of mind for service providers who are looking to add cloud service delivery to their portfolios.

Parallels Automation helps services providers to overcome these and other challenges and to grow their cloud services business with a platform for cloud service delivery that addresses the five critical success factors. With Parallels Automation, you get the most comprehensive platform for cloud service delivery supported by the largest ecosystem and the deepest industry knowledge.


Posted on October 9, 2014 and filed under Cloud Service Delivery.