Making a Smooth Transition from Microsoft Syndication to Cloud Solution Provider Program


Technology progresses, digital trends shift, and customer needs change. Continuous change demands constant innovation. Service providers are required to quickly adapt their business models to take advantage of opportunities while combating new challenges brought forth by an expanding market – changing syndication and partnership models, shared customer channels, customer churns, and low margins. 

Microsoft responded to the demand for transformation last year when it launched its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) initiative to meet the evolving needs of its wide range of partners and customers. The CSP program is currently expanding to provide Syndication partners with opportunities to participate in a program that offers their customers a broader set of integrated cloud services, which include Azure, Enterprise Mobility, and Microsoft Dynamics (in addition to Office 365). 

Early this quarter at the annual international Cloud Service Provider Summit in Prague, Microsoft described its procedure for transitioning from Syndication to CSP. Microsoft informed attendees of the critical steps to complete in order to transact as a CSP partner, and provided detailed insights into the Syndication to CSP transition process. 

Odin, a platinum sponsor at the event, led two sessions focused on guiding partners through the Syndication to CSP transition and directing partners on how to implement a go-to-market strategy during the shift. Global Accounts Director Bertil Brendeke indicated how Odin is helping Syndication partners prepare for the CSP program and tackle upcoming obstacles to gain a competitive edge. Director of ISV Market Development Gøran Andersson targeted how Syndication partners can identify the next prominent applications for their customer base and – crucially – how to build strong cloud service portfolios that ensure added value and customer stickiness. 

To reduce risk and assist partners in the migration from Syndication to CSP, Odin allows partners to manage both models simultaneously until they are prepared for Odin to automate the transition. Simply, you can hold on to Syndication until you are ready to let go and allow Odin to make the leap into CSP. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition from the Microsoft Syndication to CSP models.
Here’s how it works:

Manage Both Models Simultaneously Today

  • You can manage both the Syndication and the CSP models with Odin Service Automation today.
  • You can start to sell new CSP-based SKUs and services, recruiting new customers with the Microsoft cloud solution portfolio.

Automate the Syndication to CSP Transition When You are Ready

  • When you and Microsoft have agreed on the timeline, Odin can help you to easily shift your customers from Syndication to CSP.
  • You can choose a batch process or a 1-to-1 transition.

If you want to discuss how to get ready for Syndication to CSP transition and want to know more about our solutions, please contact your account managers or contact


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Posted on December 29, 2015 and filed under Cloud Service Delivery.