The Sale is Just the Beginning

Rule #3: The Sale is Just the Beginning

Whenever you make a sale, you are beginning a relationship with your customer. The key word here is “beginning.”

Like all new beginnings, it’s important to foster and grow your relationship with your customer. Remember that your ultimate goal is much more than closing that initial sale –your mission is to maximize the customer’s experience throughout their lifetime as a client, offer additional services and support as their business evolves, and keep them happy and loyal for as long as you can.

Your rewards for after-sales attention will include increased ARPU, more positive references, and improved word-of-mouth sales.

How do you keep your customer relationships going strong? Communication, communication, communication.

Proactively connect with your customers to offer education, enablement content, tools, and services, and measure customer ROI so you can continuously prove your value.

Many partners limit onboarding to set-up and activation. However, adoption is also an important component to any sales relationship – you need your customer to actually use the service, not just configure or purchase it. In order to ensure the customer actively adopts or engages with the service, regular multi-channel touch-points are needed.

Driving adoption can be successful through several tactics, but we especially recommend prompting the customer to use the service and then offering training and education.

Why training? When the customer feels knowledgeable with the service and appreciates its benefits, they will use it more often, increase their dependency on it, and be more open to upsell opportunities. Using the customer’s IT profile as a gauge, you’ll be able to execute targeted campaigns to either extend new services or gradually increase current ones.

When following this pattern, you’ll build an integrated customer relationship:


By continuing to build your relationship with your customer through adoption and upselling, you’ll improve the customer’s experience and decrease churn. In short, the service experience matters – just as much and perhaps even more than the sale itself.


Posted on March 17, 2015 and filed under Cloud Service Delivery.