How to Change “Mobilegeddon” into a Mobile Opportunity

A mobile-optimized website is quickly becoming a SMB’s ticket to the top of search results, more site visitors, and potentially higher profits. However, our research shows this is an important ticket that many SMBs are lacking – which creates a major opportunity for service providers.

A Search Engine Shake-Up

Yesterday, Google began implementing a new algorithm for users conducting searches on mobile devices. As a result of these changes, mobile-optimized websites will be prioritized over websites that are not determined to be “mobile-friendly.”

In order to be considered mobile-friendly, a website must – among other criteria – meet the following requirements:

  • Have layouts that automatically scale
  • Avoid programs like Flash and others that are not typically found on mobile devices
  • Load quickly on mobile devices

This change currently impacts mobile searches only.

Adapting to the Algorithm

Are your SMB customers’ websites mobile-friendly?

According to our upcoming 2015 United States Odin SMB Cloud Insights™ report, the answer is likely, well…probably not. In fact, only 30% of SMBs surveyed said their website is mobile-optimized, with 36% stating their website only displays properly on a desktop computer. The remaining 34% admit their website is not mobile-optimized, but think it still renders properly on mobile displays – Google search results will tell them soon enough whether it actually does.

As the number of searches on mobile devices continue to rise while desktop searches decrease, it’s never been more important to prioritize mobile-optimization. The recent algorithm update – affectionately referred to as “Mobilegeddon” by some – can serve as a strong incentive for your customers to consider updating their websites accordingly.

We recommend that service providers help their SMB customers avoid mobility-induced misery by making optimization efficient and affordable. Because as consumers increase their searching and decision making through mobile devices, a mobile-optimized website will soon become anything but optional.