A Smooth Migration is No Longer an Oxymoron: Partner Spotlight on ServerNest

Disruption-free migration. Stability while accelerating. 

At first, you might think these phrases are oxymorons. But ServerNest, an Odin service provider partner based in Switzerland, was able to experience both with the help of Virtuozzo and Odin Business Automation Standard.

ServerNest focuses on delivering complete IaaS solutions to SMBs across Europe. In 2013, the company began to experience increased demands, and they needed a solution that would allow their customers to migrate from expensive virtualization systems to more cost-effective virtual machines.

However, the company’s existing infrastructure hindered their ability to accelerate growth. It was time for a change. ServerNest needed solutions that could not only keep up with growth demand, but also remove server downtime and require less manpower.

ServerNest had three specific goals in mind:

  • Accelerate virtual machine creation
  • Deploy hypervisors and containers on the same node
  • Offer new services including VoIP telephony and cloud storage

How did they reach these goals? They turned to Virtuozzo and Odin Business Automation Standard.

Since deploying Virtuozzo and Odin Business Automation Standard, ServerNest has experienced no server downtime, migrated their customers in as little as two weeks, and delivered significant cost savings. They’ve also gained access to easier compliance reporting, increased stability, and considerable manpower savings. Now, this small-scale service provider can offer larger-scale IaaS solutions, which has allowed them to target larger enterprise customers and expand their international business.  

Read our partner spotlight to learn more about how ServerNest used Virtuozzo and Odin Business Automation Standard to create a competitive advantage.

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Posted on September 17, 2015 and filed under Partners & Customers.