Introducing Odin Automation Essentials: The Game Changer

During Cloud Summit, Ingram Micro and Odin unveiled the availability of Odin Automation (OA) Essentials, our new cloud service delivery platform that makes it easier for cloud service providers to establish and grow their cloud services business. As a key part of the combined cloud delivery platforms announcement, OA Essentials places us in our strongest position ever to deliver cloud services to our partners and businesses of every size.


OA Essentials is a comprehensive, downloadable cloud services automation solution that empowers cloud providers to efficiently provision, manage, and sell both cloud and self-hosted services through a single platform. With OA Essentials, partners can easily market, sell and bundle Microsoft Office 365 and other CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) services with their existing products, while maintaining full control of the cloud services delivery from integration with existing provisioning systems to deploying custom domain and payment plugin options.

Odin Automation Essentials delivers unique benefits and capabilities for Microsoft CSP partners, hosting partners, and resellers. Let’s take a look at these key differentiators in a little more detail:

Cloud Automation and Billing Solution In-a-Box

A turnkey, self-service, centralized hosting infrastructure management solution that replaces aged or legacy automation and billing solutions and reduces costs through simplifying administration. OA Essentials also enables the end-to-end automation of all service module business and upsell scenarios including the billing of third-party services and recurring billing support.

Deploy and Sell Microsoft CSP Services in a Day

Empowers cloud providers such as CSP 1-Tier partners and CSP 2-Tier resellers to manage, provision, and sell hosted and syndicated cloud services via a one on-premise e-commerce platform. OA Essentials enables partners to increase revenues and sell new services such as Microsoft CSP in hours, not days, and utilize pre-configured service plans.

Modern Customer Experience

A light, fast and easy to customize, mobile-friendly and modern customer control panel simplifies the sign-up and upsell process. Provides a self-service solution to customers, including simple one-click, upsell scenarios, and fully integrated billing automation through an integrated online store.

Additional Streams of Revenue

A real game changer, Odin Automation Essentials empowers partners to maximize revenue opportunities and grow their business. With Odin Automation Essentials, partners can easily deploy and start to sell Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) services with their own managed services today. With future releases, partners can add other syndicated SaaS services or a full range of hosting services, maximizing profit with differentiated offers.

Here’s the low down on exactly what the recent Odin Automation Essentials announcement means for cloud service providers, hosting service providers, and cloud resellers:

Cloud Service Providers (Microsoft CSP 1-Tier) can deploy Microsoft CSP services within hours today and automate end-to-end customer lifecycle using OA Essentials. Partners can add syndicated SaaS services and self-hosted hosting services (coming 2016 H2), and manage and sell all services via one single platform.

Hosting Service Providers can offer hosting services together with syndicated SaaS services and Microsoft CSP Services by signing up for one simple reseller agreement. OA Essentials is a next generation hosting solution for Odin’s existing partners – Odin Business Automation Standard, Plesk Automation, and H-Sphere/Expand/Helm. With the advanced self-hosted services, OA Essentials Hosting Service Provider Edition will be available later this year (coming 2016 H2). If partners want to test OA Essentials with the CSP services first they can sign up for the OA Essentials Cloud Reseller Edition beta program today.

Cloud Resellers are able to expand their cloud business easily and resell Microsoft CSP Services and other syndicated SaaS services with one reseller agreement. With OA Essentials, they can maintain full control of the cloud services delivery from integration with existing provisioning systems to deploying custom domain and payment plugin options. OA Essentials Cloud Reseller Edition beta program is available today.

Here is a quick summary of the OA Essentials Editions:

  • OA Essentials Cloud Provider Edition: Available now
  • OA Essentials Hosting Provider Edition (Coming 2016 H2)
  • OA Essentials Cloud Reseller Edition: Available for a beta program

Like to know how to effectively take your cloud business to the next level of success and deliver cloud solutions through one platform? Get OA Essential Cloud Provider Edition now or request to be a beta tester for OA Essentials Cloud Reseller Edition by going to

Please contact your account managers to hear how this platform enables you to scale up your cloud services delivery.


Posted on April 14, 2016 and filed under Cloud Service Delivery.