Odin Automation Premium: Next Release of Odin Service Automation

The Next Generation Cloud Commerce Platform

During the 2016 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Ingram Micro unveiled the availability of Odin Automation Premium, the latest release of Odin Service Automation, reinforcing the global cloud leadership through the expansion of Ingram Micro Ecosystem of Cloud. As a key part of the Ingram Micro Ecosystem of Cloud, Odin Automation Premium empowers worldwide top cloud service providers to deliver and sell cloud services in the digital and cloud economy.

Cloud Market Trends and Service Provider Opportunities

Cloud services, mobile, social networking, internet of things, big data, and more—the world is changing fast with disruptive technologies. IDC predicts that the scale-up of digital business strategies will drive more than half of enterprise IT spending within the next 24 months, rising to 60% by 2020. Virtually none of the major digital transformation initiatives is possible in scaled-up implementations without the cloud as the foundation. By 2020, IDC predicts that enterprise spending on cloud services for implementing and managing cloud services will exceed $500 billion, more than three times what it is today.

Service providers are facing unique challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic market, where customers are demanding cloud and digital innovations beyond traditional core businesses. According to a STL Partners report, it is estimated that 34% of telecommunications revenue will come from entirely new digital services by the year 2020. More than ever before, partners are challenged with the need to evolve beyond their traditional business models, and provide distinctive offerings into the rapidly growing cloud and digital services market. The key for success is setting up the right platform, ecosystem, and partnerships that enables you to transform to an agile and modern cloud business.

Introducing Odin Automation Premium 7

Odin Automation Premium is a highly scalable and flexible cloud commerce automation platform that empowers the top service providers worldwide to offer a breakthrough modern user experience and streamline the end-to-end cloud commerce management. With the new release, Odin Automation Premium 7, you can now take advantage of a more intuitive, brand-new customer control panel, enhanced performance and scalability, and new SDKs (software development kits) for payment plugins and domains. You can elevate customer relationships, run more efficient cloud businesses, and sell more services with innovative scenarios through its advanced modern user experience. The modern user experience of Odin Automation Premium is designed to maximize self-service for end customers, providing productivity improvements for your operations, product managers and sales teams. It can be deployed to support multiple cloud commerce business models with configurable options.

With Odin Automation Premium 7, you can also bring new services to the market rapidly by leveraging the complete catalog of platform-ready services, and upsell and cross sell integrated cloud solutions, including Microsoft CSP (cloud solution provider) program services across multi-sales channels and resellers. The platform provides the most comprehensive cloud commerce capabilities that encompass a storefront with eCommerce shopping cart, order management, integrated marketing tools, customer and reseller management, business and financial reports, and modern customer control panels with in-context selling capabilities to increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

With Odin Automation Premium 7 you can:

Deliver a Breakthrough Modern User Experience

  • Simple, intuitive customer control panel delivering brand-new self-service experience
  • Monetize every interaction with in-context upselling
  • Streamline on-boarding and customer activation processes
  • Any device, anywhere using tablets and smartphones
  • Boost customer engagement with real-time notifications

Run a More Efficient Cloud Business

  • More extensible and open payment and domain SDKs and APIs
  • Cost effective development of payment and domain plug-ins using PHP
  • Domain SDK new capabilities, DNSSec, immediate availability check, etc.
  • Enhanced performance and scalability

Sell More Services with Innovative Scenarios

  • New SaaS services with modern user experience
  • Streamlined adoption process with APS services backward compatibility
  • Shared hosting and VPS modules (coming soon Q4, 2016)

Get Started Today

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Posted on July 14, 2016 .